When should you use Cut To in a screenplay

When Should You Use Cut To in a Screenplay?

Transitions and especially CUT TO: are an important part of screenplays. However they are being used less as the reader can know when a script is moving on to another scene. The scene heading clearly lets the reader understand this. 

But what if there’s a sudden twist in the plot which you wish to show through a scene? Or where the VILLAIN is angrily shouting after hearing how his men were beaten by the HERO. It can give a dramatic effect to the story. Here are some examples of when to use it.

Use Cut To in a Screenplay

In the above scene, Kevin’s statement later shows a contradiction. But the scene where the car takes a sharp turn is where the reader realises that, it is somehow still related to the statement by Kevin.

Using Cut To in a script

Here, the location is still the same house.

Using CUT TO too often is a deterrent to the reader. Most of the time it is better to avoid writing it unless absolutely required. 

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