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BACKSTAGE.COM Review: Should You be a Member?

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For an artist to perform well, awareness of the industry is essential. Most filmmakers, writers, actors, directors, and 99% of the agents have heard of Backstage.com.

The official site and the magazine of Backstage encompass content that educates performers and stakeholders from both in and outside the industry. 

It helps them develop a career plan through the guidance of experienced casting managers and other experts.  

Backstage has been identified as the number 1 platform for performing artists to get job opportunities for over 50 years now. This has enabled them to advance their ventures.

Studies suggest that more than 1,00,000 members of Backstage represent a strong network of professionals in the entertainment industry.

These people get the advantage of their unlimited applications, the latest casting resources, and more performance-based roles than any other casting service.

Although Backstage provides a platform for writers to showcase their talent, they still need to hone their skills as a screenwriter.

You can find more about script coverage services that are available in the world to make informed decisions.  

Now you must be thinking, what exactly is Backstage.com, and how important is it to budding performers, writers, and even casting directors?

For this reason, I have reviewed Backstage.com and answered the most common questions that are likely to arise in your mind.

Let’s go over these questions about Backstage one by one.

1. What is Backstage.com?

BACKSTAGE.COM Review: Should You be a Member?

Backstage is a brand in the entertainment industry that aims at providing job opportunities as well as career guidance for amateur artists and casting directors.

It was started in 1960 by two publishers. Then, back in the 1990s, various casting and entertainment websites began to create and provide unique online resources for actresses, actors, and models, including online casting systems and video-enhanced resumes.

Steve Elish, a publisher who introduced Backstage.com, emerged as an industry leader in online casting. 

Initially, the offerings of Backstage.com consisted of a paid monthly package that granted unlimited access to various articles and casting calls across New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Florida, Las Vegas, and other major entertainment hubs in the industry.

Luke Crowe, a writer, editor, filmmaker, and web developer, joined the company in 2000 and worked on enhancing the online casting software of Backstage. 

Soon, the number of new castings listed on the website soon increased from hundreds to thousands over the years, while the monthly traffic rose from hundreds to millions.

2. Is Backstage.com legitimate?

BACKSTAGE.COM Review: Should You be a Member?

Backstage is for agents, studios, producers, and people who want to be found to get a break. Both the systems in place on their site are trustworthy.

Using Backstage is quite simple; however, it is more than just setting up a profile and hoping for the best. 

If you are a filmmaking student looking to land your first big break or your next acting gig, this website has a nexus of opportunities backed by an online support system to guide budding artists into the industry. 

BACKSTAGE.COM Review: Should You be a Member?

Backstage won’t discriminate whether you have earned your craft online or at a university.

Here are a few things you can do on Backstage to get started.

I. Determine the Type of Acting job that suits you best!

BACKSTAGE.COM Review: Should You be a Member?

Remember that you are the best judge of your talent, so instead of beating around the bush to see what type of job you would land, it is crucial that you first determine where your strengths and passion lie. 

Before you start applying, familiarize yourself with your goals. For example, know whether acting before a live audience on-stage is what interests you or do you wish to begin with doing voice-overs for commercials and animations

It’s excellent if you have an inclination for more than one work area, but if you’re starting out, then having a clear sense of what type of acting suits you the most can go a long way in landing auditions. 

II. Insider Support from Industry Experts from Backstage

Backstage provides plenty of insights about the industry through its website blogs for fresh actors. 

If you are a beginner who requires basic knowledge for building a foundation, then Backstage offers entry-level guidance that directs you in your journey to becoming a professional. 

There are plenty of topics you can refer to, such as ‘how to become an actor, ‘everything you need to do to land the best headshots,’ and so on. 

Explore their wide range of content, including expert advice from agents, casting directors, acting coaches, etc.

III. Ensure your Backstage Profile is in top condition

Regularly updating your Backstage profile ensures that you are actively looking for work. This enables you to apply and bag gigs and gets you noticed by casting directorsprofileg for new faces in the industry. 

Useful Tips:

  • Ensure tprofiler headshots reflect your present age and look professional.
  • Keep your work history up-to-date and honest.
  • Include only your recent contact details and make sure you are reachable.
  • Apply constantly, as casting calls on Backstage are regularly updated.

Backstage allows agents, studios, and independent filmmakers to hire staff and actors. StudioBinder has a beautiful free cheat sheet on casting auditions for filmmakers and agents.

3. Fee Structure of Backstage.com

Every casting notice posted on Backstage is accurately verified to dodge scams and avoid unprofessional casting calls. 

Backstage Pricing plans:  

  • Yearly membership is $199.88
  • The monthly membership is $19.95

On becoming a member of backstage, you get 6 month’s free access to look through thousands of jobs advertised daily and apply to as many auditions as you wish.  

4. Benefits of Backstage.com

BACKSTAGE.COM Review: Should You be a Member?

Backstage has the potential to connect upcoming talent with ample casting opportunities to all the well-known studios in Hollywood and UK. 

It is a well-established and legitimate platform for casting directors to reach out to actors for a variety of jobs.

Backstage members get the following benefits and more:

  • Unlimited Applications
  • Instant Job Alerts
  • Unlimited Media for gigs
  • Safety and Security of your profile
  • Regular scouting of profiles by Industry Pros

With over 50 years of experience working with industry veterans, the site boasts a database equipped with millions of individuals and casting prprofile 

There have been a few competitors like Casting Networks, The Explore Talent, and Playbill.com; However, Backstage has always managed to stay on top amongst the leading platforms with the maximum number of calls and memberships. 

The initial 6 months of your membership are free, after which you would need to enroll in their premium plans that can be paid annually, bi-annually, or monthly. 

Based on the number of members, reputation, and success rate, it is a formidable website for online casting.

5. How Does Backstage.com Work?

Backstage is a job-search site that helps people find work in the entertainment industry. It’s particularly good at assisting actors, dancers, and models find their next gig—but it also has listings for stylists, makeup artists, customers, set designers, and more.

There are two ways to use Backstage: as a job seeker or as an employer. If you’re looking for work, here’s how it works: Browse the available jobs and decide which ones you’d like to apply for. If a job looks interesting, click on it and then click “Apply Now!”

This will bring up an application form that you fill out with your contact information (name, phone number, email address) and some basic information about yourself (education level, availability).

After submitting your application form, an employer will review it and decide whether or not they want to interview you. If they do interview you, they’ll let you know via email or text message; if they don’t tell them why not so they can improve their resume next time!

As a job seeker, you’ll be able to create a profile that contains all your relevant information—such as past experience, education level and degree(s), availability dates, and times—and then search through hundreds of jobs posted by employers in the entertainment industry who are looking for someone just like you!

You can apply directly through the site or by uploading your resume to your profile via the uploader tool. You can also upload your headshots and a demo reel to give the employers a taste of what you’re bringing to the table.

As an employer posting jobs on Backstage, you can post unlimited jobs for free for up to 90 days at a time (or purchase extended posting options). You get access to tools like our resume builder that help create professional-looking applications quickly.

The site also has a blog with information about the industry and advice from insiders on how to succeed in the entertainment world. The blog is updated regularly with new posts every day.

The site also has forums where you can ask questions about how to get hired and what kind of gigs are out there, so it’s a great resource if you’re new to the workforce or just want to update your skills.

BACKSTAGE.COM Review: Should You be a Member?
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6. What do people say about Backstage.com?

There are several websites you can trust for reliable acting jobs, and Backstage is one of them. Backstage has been around Hollywood since the 1960s, helping actors make their way in the film industry. 

Backstage also provides reliable tips and insights for aspiring actors to get started with their careers in the industry, and this has achieved plenty of favorable reviews and accreditation over time.

Actors, models and various other professionals in the entertainment business across the globe have put their faith in backstage.com for so many jobs.

7. Are Backstage Casting Calls Genuine?

Yes, casting calls on backstage.com are genuine. They have a team of people who review each casting call that comes through the site and delete any that don’t meet their criteria.

The casting calls are posted by real people looking for models and actors.

So many people have been able to find work after using this site, and we’ve repeatedly heard that those jobs are real. So, no matter your dream job, don’t be afraid to apply for it!

Backstage.com is a site that promotes casting calls from professionals and agencies around the world. It’s a way for actors to find acting opportunities and a way for casting directors to post their openings. So yes, the site is genuine—and if you’re looking for an actor or model job, it can be an excellent resource.

However, As with any online platform, it’s always important to be careful when sharing information with strangers, especially regarding your personal information (like your phone number or email address).

Backstage does have strict guidelines in place when it comes to protecting user data. Still, we always recommend keeping your personal information private unless you know who you’re dealing with is trustworthy.

If you still have trouble trusting a casting call on this site, there are some things you can look for that will help you determine how much stock you should put in it.

First, if an agency posts the casting call, it’s probably legitimate—as long as the agency has been around for at least a year or two. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any scams; it just means that they’re less likely to be new agencies trying to make a quick buck.

The second thing to look for is whether the casting call specifies the type of model they’re looking for. If they do, that’s a good sign—they’re looking for something specific and probably don’t want to waste your time.

However, if they don’t mention what kind of model they’re looking for (or worse yet), don’t bother applying—it means that anyone could submit their photos/audition tape and get hired!

BACKSTAGE.COM Review: Should You be a Member?
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8. Is Backstage Only Good for Finding Acting Jobs?

Although backstage.com is excellent for finding acting jobs in various films such as student films, indie projects, and other film projects, it is not just limited to the “Actors Access” feature. There is a lot more to this site.

Other than the acting business, backstage.com can also help you find your next project in another avenue. It can help you find your next role as a model, voiceover artist, etc.

Not only can it help you find excellent jobs that can boost your career forwards, but it can also get you respectable pay for your services.

9. Can Backstage.com Help You Build Casting Networks?

If you’re a casting director and you’re constantly looking for new talent, backstage.com can help you build your casting network.

With the right tools, you can manage your auditions and casting calls in one place. You can use backstage.com to:

  • Send audition notices to actors registered with your casting notice board.
  • Keep track of actors’ schedules so they can only take on auditions at certain times or during certain days of the week.
  • Track how many actors have been booked from each audition
  • Keep track of which actors are interested in specific roles.
BACKSTAGE.COM Review: Should You be a Member?
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Should You Be a Member?

If you’re starting your career, it is understandable that you might feel slightly underwhelmed when looking for work without an agency or support. 

Backstage is a platform that aids newcomers in streamlining their careers with plenty of innovative tools and resources. 

It’s definitely worth a shot, regardless of whether you are a director, an actor, a model, or any other person looking for a platform to showcase their talent and get good pay for their work.

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