how to tv and youtube write commercials

The Ultimate Guide: How to Write TV & YouTube Commercials for any type of Product

I won’t be wrong if I say that screenwriting is the most important part of pre-production.  It doesn’t matter how small your video production is; without a planned and written script, there’s a chance of your project getting chaotic in its production stage. Filmmaking is an art that can b...
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Visual Metaphors in a screenplay

What Is A Visual Metaphor? The Art Of Incorporating Visual Metaphors In Your Screenplay

Cinema has come a long way since its birth. From an entertaining perspective for the audiences to spreading an ideology and masterful storytelling to the moviegoers. And the latter contains visual metaphors – the Hands of Fine Cinema.  And to be a masterful storyteller, practice is godly. It may ...
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screenwriting festivals

Screenwriting Festivals: Are They Worth It? The Real Story & Tips To Get Your Screenplay Selected

Being a writer is just not enough when it comes to screenwriting. Of course, a person aiming to become a screenwriter must be brilliant with his/her storytelling and writing skills, but they must also know how to become a successful screenwriter. This is where major screenwriting festivals come into...
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