Hey! I’m Sarang

I help SaaS companies and brands grow their traffic multifold by scaling their content and getting backlinks to it.

After leaving Amazon customer service, In my initial year working for a brand as a junior marketer, I thought I knew everything there is to SEO..until the site tanked and they had to close down the site. 

I lost my job (along with seniors). Started working at another firm working as a content and SEO guy.

I learned WordPress and Covid hit! 

DAMN! Out of job again!

I started this blog and published 80+ long form articles in the first year.

BOOM! I got more than 3k visitors a month (no link building). 

Meanwhile, I had already published an eBook on Writing Video Commercials

About Me

It’s now free as an informative guide on Writing TV & YouTube Commercials on my site.

I started doing outreach after I landed a job again and my first quality guest post on a DR 45 site was published.

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She even replied to me appreciating the pitch email

About Me

As a marketer for CyberChimps.com, I was handling SEO and partially had a say in their CRO efforts. 

I helped them increase traffic by 110% in 3 months only by a content strategy. (No link building)

About Me

I conducted comprehensive keyword research to identify high-impact keywords related to WordPress themes and web design. This research laid the foundation for optimizing content, metadata, and blog posts to improve search engine rankings.

To date, my content has been featured in Mention.com, Powr.io, WriteSonic.com, Twine.net and more such sites.

About Me

Through long lasting partnerships, I have built 1000+ high quality backlinks (DR 60 with 2K+ traffic on Ahrefs) to help rank many companies get more traffic.

I use AI writing tools, AI optimization tools to help me in my writing process. I believe these tools can help companies create better content to rank higher and convert.  

Here’s an example of a Listicle..

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Here’s a general article..

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I can do the same for you..

The writers I work with are experts in content creation. 

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