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18 Best Screenwriting & Filmmaking YouTube Channels to Subscribe

Screenwriting is rewriting. And then, when you have to make a film out of a finished screenplay, it requires patience, dedication and a lot of imagination. There are a lot of scriptwriting courses on Udemy, Coursera and not to forget Masterclass.

And there are also some awesome screenwriting websites. The same goes with the art of filmmaking too. But YouTube is free and you can get some really great tips & advice from following some people there.

These consist of independent filmmakers or even a community of writers too. So let’s dive into the 18 YouTube channels which I have divided into two sections as listed below.

  1. Screenwriting
  2. Filmmaking


1. Lessons from the Screenplay

Michael Tucker started this channel in 2016 and has now reached 1.25 Million subscribers. He deeply analyzes oscar nominated and critically acclaimed films by breaking the screenplay down into various parts.

The way in which he explains the scenes, comparing them to the screenplay is easy to understand. If you start watching one video you’ll want to watch more and more. And if you have not subscribed yet, you are missing a lot of wonderful tips on writing.

Go to the channel by clicking here.

2. Film Courage

This channel is by Karen Worden where she interviews with numerous Hollywood & Indie filmmakers & writers. They explain everything related to the writing process. They share their own experiences to help other writers learn without spending money in film school.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

3. Tyler Mowery

This guy is good at teaching screenwriting. Although he has not yet sold a screenplay, the content on his channel is worth listening to. He picks easy topics like creating characters, story structure and even examines some great movies. He even has an eBook on his website.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

4. Fast Screenplay

Jeff Bollow founded this channel a couple of years ago. Jeff already runs an independent filmmaking company.

Through his online videos, he guides viewers through the step by step process of writing scripts. With vast experience in the industry, Jeff’s channel is definitely another one to subscribe to.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

5. Robert McKee

Everybody’s heard of Robert McKee. His seminar and books on the art of storytelling are immensely popular. Though he’s nearly 80 years old, he regularly uploads content on storytelling on his YouTube channel.

You don’t want to miss this one. And this time you don’t have to pay anything to learn from him.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

6. Writers Guild Foundation

You have heard of them I know, but their YouTube channel? Yeah, it has over 16 thousand subscribers. They have a lot of interviews with veteran screenwriters & novelists on it. Do check it out.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

7. The Script Lab

Their website is more popular than the channel, and it also features on my list of best screenwriting websites. However, they still have good content on it. They don’t upload content regularly; however, it’s worth checking out their older videos.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

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8. Selling Your Screenplay

This channel is about interviews with independent directors, producers, writers. From 2 minute podcasts to 40 minutes of questions and answers, I think this channel will grow to a larger audience in the future.

You’ll get an fair idea about how to write a script that sells.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.


9. Indie Film Hustle

This is by far the best independent YouTube channel dedicated to independent filmmakers. Founder of Indie Film Hustle, Alex Ferrari shares his take on the Indie Film industry very honestly. You’ll learn so much about selling your film, copyright & finding agents.

Subscribe to his channel immediately if you haven’t yet. His podcast is also on my list of the 15 best screenwriting podcasts to follow.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

10. Film Riot

Film Riot founder Ryan Connolly is another indie filmmaker to follow. His channel even analyzed short films. From visual effects, sound effects to finding a location, his videos are highly educational. It’s not for the reason that he has those 1.6 million followers.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

11. StudioBinder

StudioBinder is one of the best film production management softwares right now. On their YouTube channel, they have videos explaining how to direct an oner like Spielberg, how to stage scenes, etc.

Very informative and easy to understand, these videos are worth watching. Subscribe and start taking notes from this channel. StudioBinder is also on my list of best screenwriting software tools.

Go to the channel by clicking here.

12. Filmmaker IQ

This channel has a humorous touch to it. But don’t get fooled. It is equally informative with topics like “What’s the best camera?”, “How to get your short screened at film festivals?”, “How to make it as an editor in Hollywood?”. These are questions each one of us is asking. So better check these videos out.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

13. Indy Mogul

How much should you charge for filmmaking? This question is answered on their channel. From topics like production design, shooting interviews to documentary fundamentals this is another one to follow for sure.

Go to the channel by clicking here.

14. WolfCrow

This channel is about lighting, cinematography, photography by explaining details for particular scenes in films and photos. These are really wonderful tips for beginners and professionals alike. 

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

15. Parker Walbeck

If you want to shoot high-quality commercials and documentaries, you need the perfect gear and the knowledge. Parker’s channel is the perfect one for you in this case. He reviews all types of cameras used in films and the techniques to use them on them. 

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

16. Diety Microphones

This channel covers every minor thing related to recording. You can learn recording an interview or a guitar or various instruments at the same time. Fantastic for first timers & professionals to learn new recording methods.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

17. Peter Mckinnon

His channel has almost 5 million subscribers. Peter knows it all with reviews of filmmaking gear to personal development like how to be motivated & underwater photography. His videos are very energetic, and they will definitely help you in making films in the end.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.

18. Aputure

This channel is dedicated to lighting in films. As far as learning the lighting techniques go, this channel is the best. You’ll learn everything related to lighting through their examples and narration. Please don’t forget to follow this one regularly.

You can go to the channel by clicking here.


Now that you know where to learn from taking notes and start shooting those films you have been dreaming about. You’ll learn from failures. Even the greatest filmmakers and writers have failed miserably. The key is not to give up.

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