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13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

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Stories can strike you at any time in your daily life. When your creative bells ring, but you probably can’t access your computer and the screenwriting software installed in it, then these screenwriting apps installed on your smartphone can help.

With the advent of digital ease, screenwriting has also become easier and more comfortable. Hence, the quality of scripts produced has gently undergone evolution for the better. Earlier, screenwriting was a physically arduous task as one would have to use a typewriter and discard long written elements upon tiny mistakes.

Today, one can easily use a screenwriting app pr software and write a universally identified screenplay or script in moments. This is a very positive shift in the creative world of visual arts as the co-dependency factor of filmmakers on stories and stories on filmmakers will never die.

We already know about the screenwriting software for your computer, but this article will give you a fair knowledge about the various screenwriting apps available in the play store that can make your work easier.

What is the best screenwriting software?

Screenwriting often requires a specific format to make it universally identifiable; thus, there has been a lot of screenwriting software that makes the job of the screenwriters easy when it comes to quickly jot down the plot lines or writing a well-versed script. 

There are several screenwriting websites that help you not only write scripts but also manage different plot scripts. 

These screenwriting software are available for free as well as paid. You can find the perfect fit screenwriting software for you and start writing.

Is there an app for scriptwriting?

Yes. There are a plethora of script/screenwriting apps. One can have access to their screenwriting app through a smartphone or tablet. These apps are specially built for mobile users so that the job of screenwriting can be done from anywhere.

Definitely, the ease to write a script anywhere, anytime has peaked but these incredible screenwriting apps also allow you to write the perfect screenplay in the perfect format. Honestly, it is so exciting to use these apps that one might never feel like getting back to the laptop or computer for writing a script again.

These are best screenwriting apps for android and mac:

Let’s get into these screenwriting apps and their details one by one.

1. Final Draft Writer

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

Well, if you are a screenwriter or invested in the field of screenwriting, you must have heard of Final Draft software. It is the best screenwriting software that is used by industry professionals in Hollywood and other film industries.

Apart from being an amazing desktop software, it also serves mobile users. The screenwriting app can be accessed through mobile with cloud connectivity to the desktop software. You can export and collaborate at the same time.

The only con about the Final Draft Writer app is that it must be bought with a different subscription fee apart from the desktop fee. Thus, it is not very economical to use this app. If you are only using mobile to write, you can go ahead and purchase the app.

Available For- iPhone, iPad

Price- $9.99

2. Celtx Script

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

This is a very organized app that helps you format the script in an industrial format. The windows software for this app is one of the most widely used, but they also have an amazing mobile app. The Celtx Script app allows you to choose different formats according to the type of script, i.e., screenplay, stage play, and comic.

It is a free app for mobile users. The best thing about the app can be its convenient features that allow you to export Celtx files from the desktop and work collaboratively. 

Available For- Android, iPhone, iPad

Price- Free

3. Casualty

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

This is a crucial screenwriting app that must be installed on your mobile or desktop. The primary feature of the app that makes it better is its in-built suggestions for plot points and sequences. The app is excellent for complex stories and helps in avoiding major plot holes.

It can be used to write huge stories like web series or television shows. The user interface lets one manage the important plot points and the character arcs conveniently so that the writer does not get lost while writing long stories. One can also write a novel if needed,

Available For-Android, iPhone, iPad

Price- Free (Upgrades available)

4. Slugline

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

Slugline is a dark-themed screenwriting app that has a fantastic feature to offer. The app gives the writer the ultimate ease of writing as it automatically takes your writing into formating. Yes, you don’t need to adjust fonts or alignments when it comes to slugline. The app automatically understands your story and puts itself into the standard format of screenwriting. 

It also has color-coded clues that help you understand and remember the essential parts. This is a free app that allows you to write six pages of scripts. So if you want to go ahead and write a short film, slugline can be your app.

Available For- iPhone, iPad

Price- Free (Upgrades available)

5. StudioBindor

Studiobinding screenwriting app

StudioBindor is one of the leading sites that specialize in screenwriting and filmmaking. Apparently, they also have screenwriting software that can be used to write and format scripts. 

This is a web-based application that can be operated well on mobile. This also supports a cloud-based storage system so that collaborators in the project can access it. It is a very simple application that can be beginner-friendly. You can go ahead and plan your entire production in the software.

Available For-iPhone, iPad, Android

Price- Free (Paid Upgrades)

6. Fade In

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

The companion app of the widely popular Fade In software, Fade In app lets one write scripts and navigate characters and plots efficiently. The app has a unique user interface that works automatically in formatting and checking mistakes.

One can collaborate with other writers in a script, but it is extended to the paid version. A trial version lets you write scripts and import them in read-only mode. The app is a great alternative to the top paid screenwriting apps that might not be very affordable. 

The app works efficiently without crashing or hanging. It is a great app for beginners as well as professionals to write or just jot down the ideas at any time on your mobile.

Available For- Android, iPhone, iPad

Price- Free (Paid Upgrades)

7. Hanx Writer

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

The app is associated with Tom Hanks and his personalized set of typewriter fonts and an old-fashioned typewriter sound. 

In a nutshell, Hanx Writer is an extremely modified version of an old-school typewriter. The user interface will keep you in the vintage aesthetics of the early days when typewriters were used more frequently.

The app is very easy to use on your mobile and is specially curated for mobile or tablet users. You can also use a Bluetooth keyboard to make the aesthetic of writing better.

Available For- iPhone, iPad

Price- Free (Paid Upgrades)

8. Storyist

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

Another brilliantly created screenwriting app is Storyist which can be used to tell a story. The app is automated in the formatting of a standard screenplay with different tabs to organize your characters and plots perfectly. 

The app offers high-quality text editing features that allow you to comment and insert images, header, footer, style sheets, etc. so that you can tell your story perfectly with an amazing screenplay

It also lets you frame a story using index cards. All your scripts are finally stored in the cloud so that one can access them from anywhere using any device.

Available For- iPhone, iPad

Price- $ 14.99

9. Contour

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

This is a guided app that helps you build your story if you are stuck. Of course, you can write your entirely original ideas as the script, but you can also manually choose to answer the question asked in the app to create or help your narration. 

This may actually help you land a perfect story. Nonetheless, no story is perfect or imperfect. Storytelling is a personalized art that must be perfect for yourself. Contour is a must-try app if you are a beginner in the niche. 

Available For- iPhone, iPad

Price- $12.99

10. WriterDuet

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

A cloud-based screenwriting app that can be used for writing scripts. The WriterDuet app is used by screenwriters by sharing and collaborating in real-time. This app can be beneficial for writers of all kinds. Be it a novel or a script; the app is indeed a good one.

Special features include automatic formatting and a spelling checker that is really necessary for an app to facilitate screenwriting.

Available For- Android, iPhone, iPad

Price- Free

11. Scripts Pro

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

The app is the best, according to the Apple Store. The outstanding user interface makes it easier to use as compared to other screenwriting apps. Whether it is a film or web series, you can write everything according to the standard formats of screenwriting.

The app is compatible with Final Draft and Celtx files to offer more convenience in writing and exporting through different mediums at any time of the day. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad offering a cost-effective solution to the screenwriters.

Available For- iPhone, iPad

Price- $ 9.99

12. MyScreenplays

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

This screenwriting app is very simple to use and format. The app takes auto formatting while you can just keep on typing your story and focusing on storytelling. The app offers a feature to move elements so that you can change the script at your ease.

This app is for beginners and won’t serve efficiently to professional screenwriters. Thus, it must be used accordingly. This is totally free of cost, making it better for learning purposes.

Available For- Android

Price- Free

13. List for Writers

13 Best Screenwriting Apps for Mobile in 2023

Not a dedicated screenwriting app but an excellent toolkit for any kind of writer. List for Writers is an app that contains valuable insights like words, proverbs, smilies, literary tools, etc., that can help shape or frame your story.

You can find a list of names, possible character traits, geographic settings, etc. The app has a friendly user interface and can be used by anyone. A helpful app to consider if you are a writer.

Available For- Android, iPhone, iPad

Price- $ 2.99

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of screenwriting apps that can be an addition or alternative to a desktop version. With a few experiments, you must know which app works best for you. Screenwriting is a very important task that composes the pre-production of any kind of show. 

You can also check out some brilliant screenwriting online courses or e-books that can help you advance your screenwriting skills. It is totally understandable that most people cannot take up an academic course to improve; thus, these courses and several online websites can be helpful.


Q: What is a screenwriting app?

A: A screenwriting app is a mobile application that allows writers to create, edit, and format screenplays on their smartphones or tablets. These apps typically include features such as automatic formatting, collaboration tools, and cloud storage.

Q: Why use a screenwriting app?

A: Screenwriting apps offer convenience and flexibility for writers who prefer to work on their scripts on-the-go. They allow writers to easily jot down ideas, make revisions, and collaborate with others from their mobile devices.

Q: Are screenwriting apps free?

A: Some screenwriting apps are free, while others require a one-time purchase or a subscription fee. The price can vary depending on the features and functionality of the app.

Q: Can screenwriting apps replace desktop software?

A: While screenwriting apps offer convenience and portability, they may not offer the full range of features and functionality that desktop screenwriting software provides. Many professional screenwriters still prefer to use desktop software for their scriptwriting needs.

Q: Can screenwriting apps be used for other types of writing?

A: While screenwriting apps are designed specifically for screenplays, some writers may find them useful for other types of writing, such as short stories or novels. However, these apps may not have all the features necessary for other types of writing, such as character development or plot outlining.

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