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The popularizing Practice Of Using Social Media Marketing Strategy For Film Promotion

Marketing a movie has always been a challenge. Right after the rise of the internet, marketing techniques lead to improvisation. There are a few things different about marketing films and TV shows

Timing is a very important factor – you must create as much hype in a short period of time heading up to and about the launch as possible. Another unique factor is that films or TV shows are content gold mines – a huge opportunity when it comes to crafting a powerful social media marketing strategy for an upcoming film or TV show launch.

Social media lets people connect with others in sharing and expressing ideas. With the practice of social media, most people are not only allowed to share different marketing campaigns but can also form an environment where they can talk to others about how they feel about the movies.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing can help in creating tailor-made content for each social media platform to direct engagement and improve your business. Social media marketing is all about connecting with your audience and making them get to know your brand better. It is especially beneficial to your business growth. 

A social media strategy is basically a summary of everything you intend to do and achieve on social media. It controls your actions and lets you understand whether you’re succeeding or failing. The more precise your plan is, the more effective it will be. Yes, social media strategy is not only about tweeting and liking photos. There has to be a plan behind what you’re posting, and a goal that you want to achieve. 

Your social media marketing strategy should also note all of your current social media accounts along with goals particular to each platform you’re active on. These goals should align with your business’s more comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Finally, a social media marketing plan should outline the roles and responsibilities within your team as well as your reporting cadence.

Why is marketing for a film important?

Sometimes filmmakers do not recognize the importance of social media marketing when producing a film, but these things are the principal factor in producing a successful film. A film has to be marketed for potential viewers to know that it is coming out. There needs to be a social media marketing strategy for how the film will be marketed. The more efficient the strategy is, the more viewers the film will get. 

Promoting a film means making sure that the target audience is aware of an upcoming film. Once the primary factors narrow down the film promotion strategies of marketing designs, you can decide how to market your independent film

Society carries many ideas, stories, and events for movies to represent on screen. If the filmmaker uses the material well, they can tap into the emotions and leave the audience with a compelling emotional message. This is where film influences society

Benefits of social media marketing

  • Increase trustworthiness and brand awareness.
  • Boost levels of customer service and satisfaction.
  • Foster online communities and tell genuine stories.
  • Increase revenue with social commerce. 
  • Improved search engine rankings.

Social media and film promotion

The role of social media in film marketing strategies has become fundamental to enhancing the exposure and reach of new movies. In the movie business, the buzz is everything.

Whether you’re supporting an independent piece or the latest Marvel Studios blockbuster, the goal is to ensure that your film is discussed by as many people as possible. The way to do that is to administer your movie top of mind for as many viewers as you can. 

Social media schedulers make staying active on social media easier, making the load easier and making way for greater impact. If you want to get your social channels in shape, you should consider adding powerful social media marketing tools to your marketing toolkit.

Social media platforms are user-friendly. This allows production houses to share movie trailers and other content on Facebook, YouTube, and other video-sharing platforms. Before you know it, they get viral!

User-Generated Content: Reviews are one of the most essential aspects that prompt audiences to watch a movie. This user-generated content (UGC) contributes to the perception of the movie.

Reaching new levels: Movies usually do not operate on every screen due to their distribution costs. However, production houses have now obtained a solution through digital media platforms.

Best social media marketing campaigns for films in the 21st Century

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

The popularizing Practice Of Using Social Media Marketing Strategy For Film Promotion

It was 22 years ago when the Blair Witch Project was killing it at the box office, creating buzz over what we recognize now as one of the best performances in movie history.

The Blair Witch Project wasn’t the first footage horror movie, but its outstanding advertising campaign changed film marketing. What began as a low-budget experiment became one of the most prominent horror movies ever produced. Every tactic carried out spun around creating confusion among the audience. 

The website was the most effective element of the marketing campaign. All kinds of marketing and calls to action prompted audiences to the site. The producers kept adding more content over time, as well as witchy stories and footage the directors had received during filming.

The trailer was simple. It gave viewers glimpses of the film but left the rest up to the audience’s imagination. What’s more relevant here is that it was not presented in mainstream media outlets, proceeding to maintain the low-budget, low-quality nature of the film. 

The Avengers movies

The popularizing Practice Of Using Social Media Marketing Strategy For Film Promotion

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a true force of nature. Since the year 2008, Marvel has accumulated a dedicated fanbase that extends right across the world. The way Marvel has marketed the film has been extraordinary, especially when there are so many films that contain spoiler-ridden trailers. Marvel has made use of mystery, curiosity and cleverly used their own star’s platforms to create a buzz.

Using Twitter to promote a movie release is nothing new, so to stand out, Marvel has made its fictional characters “create” the brand’s promotional tweets.

Superheroes like Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man have their own Twitter accounts. They’re all verified, and they’ve all got millions of followers.

The marketing of Avengers: Infinity War was classic in many ways. Trailers showed large action set pieces, new characters coming together, and unique settings that have never been seen before. 

The Dark Knight

The popularizing Practice Of Using Social Media Marketing Strategy For Film Promotion

This viral campaign tapped into the current fan base of the comic book hero, Batman. The marketing partners created means for the fans to engage in an online and offline experience by setting Joker cards through several fan-favorite locations.

The Joker cards then direct to a micro-site where fans could vote in an election for Gotham’s district attorney, joining in the fictional character, Harvey Dent. It even lets fans pick a side – The Dark Knight or the Joker – and engage in team activities.

“Why So Serious?” is a dialogue known by all, said by the infamous ‘Joker’, which was followed by the team of the Dark Knight. These words were a huge hit as an American agency named 42 Entertainment that creates reality games, who were marketing the Dark Knight became serious about it. The company targeted a global event called Comic-Con.

Paranormal Activity (2009)

The popularizing Practice Of Using Social Media Marketing Strategy For Film Promotion

The campaign to prepare “Paranormal Activity” for theaters universally was anything but ordinary. The trailer takes a minimalist strategy that’s similar to that displayed on the poster and uses many similar elements. Sufficient footage from the movie itself is shown to give the trailer-watching audience a sense.

Paranormal Activity had a production based around the effectiveness of spending, with stable camerawork, low-budget effects, and nearly unknown actors such as Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat. This allowed the production company to save a lot of money, and still be able to provide the filmmaker the capacity to create the realistic feel that he wanted.

Another method in which the audience was included in the film’s marketing was through the movie’s Twitter account. This was set to @TweetYourScream during the release of the film and invited fans to tweet pictures of them as well as their friends getting frightened. Once again, this put the marketing stress on the film’s spectators.

Powerful social media platforms to promote films

The popularizing Practice Of Using Social Media Marketing Strategy For Film Promotion
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

You will be astonished to know how many social media marketing services there are to promote your film. You just have to surf the internet to discover what you need. It’s not like the times when marketing and advertising for a film were impracticable.

Now with some help, you can share whatever you want in the network. With so many social media platforms, you might have had difficulties in choosing the best for promoting your film.

Some of the most popular platforms for marketing include:

Youtube – After the rise of YouTube, movie marketing campaigns have deviated from the traditional form to much better advanced digital campaigns, advertising, and planning.

The influence of YouTube can’t be underestimated; the reach is limitless and all you have to do is post your work and hope to catch the attention of your target audience. The teaser and trailer of the movie can be launched on YouTube without having to spend much.

The main benefit of making a campaign on YouTube will let it display to the appropriate audience. It can heighten the watch time of the teaser or trailer on YouTube.

Twitter – With more than 200 million active daily users, Twitter should be a part of your social media marketing strategy. Movie lovers go to Twitter for the latest trailers, see what their favorite actors are up to, and interact with fans in an everlasting conversation.

Movie and TV show targeting enables networks and brands to promote Tweets to people involved in particular TV shows and movies, before and after a telecast. It makes it easy for networks and brands to efficiently promote Tweets to people engaged with specific movies and TV shows.

Instagram – Instagram has over a billion users, and its range is just incredible, ranging from various regions and beyond all age groups. Promoting a story on Instagram is much easier than the other tools, as you can instantly add up your link to the film in the story.

Sharing your posts, reels, or stories with your followers is the base you have created to promote your film. It is recommended to add the film’s link at the end of the post or in your bio, make a powerful and recognizable title for your posts, a simple caption, and related hashtags to promote your film on Instagram. 

Facebook – From a promotional viewpoint, Facebook is a strong tool for filmmakers. The strategy behind the Facebook promotion is to build up enthusiasm and curiosity about the movie. Facebook Fan Pages are the most cost-effective method to promote your movie.

Some filmmakers let fans post pictures to the fan pages. This sort of action strengthens the community and promotes word of mouth. Whether you’re looking for work, sourcing talent for your next innovative project, or looking for informal collaboration opportunities, you can accomplish your goals with the help of Facebook Groups


It’s no mystery that success on social media can lead to victory in the box office. The movie industry has various updates to the way it is marketing in current years. With social media to reach out to the target audience, movie marketing has evolved.

Developing a social media marketing strategy is seemingly one of the hardest things to do because you will have to step back and look at the big picture.

You have to shift your mindset from your everyday tasks like scheduling and replying to all comments to higher-level thinking. But it’s highly essential to have a social media marketing strategy so that you aren’t just posting content just for the sake of it. It’ll help you achieve your social media as well as business goals

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