6 Best Casting Websites for Filmmakers in Hollywood

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A film becomes a masterpiece because of the collaborating efforts of the director, producer, screenwriters, crew, and cast. Elimination of any collaborator can have disastrous results at the production level and box office. 

The primary and vital element of a film is its cast. A great cast implies perfect actors for particular roles. Thus, it is essential to cast talented and perfect actors for a film.

The traditional process of finding actors through one by one audition followed by different headshots is time-consuming. However, with the onset of the digital world, the casting process has evolved. The contemporary method of hiring new talents include online websites and software for casting.

These paid/unpaid online websites allow directors and filmmakers to cast actors, voiceover artists, models, and influencers. The cutting edge software within the websites allows casting directors to finalize the cast with virtual auditions. 

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This article aims to put a glance at the 7 best casting websites for filmmakers in Hollywood.

Let’s go through these top casting websites:

1. Backstage

6 Best Casting Websites for Filmmakers in Hollywood

Backstage is one of the top online casting websites that can be assessed worldwide. As a filmmaker, this can be the best website to search for talents for your upcoming project. You can find cast members on the website ranging from actors to voice artists. 

Whether you are a filmmaker, searching for new talents or a performing arts enthusiast looking for a break, Backstage can be a true friend in your journey. 

The membership subscription for Backstage varies according to the plan you choose. 

Pricing plans:  

  • Yearly membership is $199.88
  • The monthly membership is $19.95

This is a very popular website among artists looking for work. As a filmmaker, you can have ample options to explore. You can cast actors, models, and voiceover artists for film, TV, documentary, etc. from any part of the world. 

The user-friendly website has vivid guidelines and offers advanced tools to manage applications. It is a reputed website that collaborates with media companies like Netflix, NBC, HBO, Disney, etc. 

My review of Backstage.com has more details answering why you should be a member.

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2. Breakdown Express

6 Best Casting Websites for Filmmakers in Hollywood

Breakdown Express is another reputed casting website that is a substitute for Breakdown Services. With a tender stature among the actors and filmmakers, the website is one of the top and best. The website offers features to casting directors and casting agencies.

As a filmmaker or casting director, you can post breakdowns on the website which is assessed to actors in Actors Access. The actors’ audition reels are reviewed and then submitted to the casting directors making the process much more comfortable.

Casting directors can use Breakdown Express free of cost to find potential actors for their projects. The breakdowns posted by casting directors can be accessed only by licensed casting agencies and members of Actors Access.

The breakdown reaches to many suitors, and filtered audition reels reach you, saving time. 

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3. Casting Networks

6 Best Casting Websites for Filmmakers in Hollywood

Casting Networks is a new horse in the race if compared to the timeline. But a master player if talked about performance. This website is specially designed for casting directors and filmmakers. 

The website offers sophisticated tools and insights that work efficiently to manage submissions.

Formulated in 2002, casting networks were initially created to cater to casting directors and casting agencies’ best solutions. The features for an aspiring actor using the website is no more than submitting an audition. 

This is a free website. However, you can secure representation by paying an annual subscription fee of $25. The website listings are concentrated in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia. 

The tools and features are firmly made for the casting directors and filmmakers making it a perfect website. Independent and student filmmakers can also post their casting roles and hire a suitable actor.

Pricing: $25 is the Yearly Subscription Fee

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4. Casting Calls America

6 Best Casting Websites for Filmmakers in Hollywood

This is a site for aspiring actors from the United States. The site is a substitute for different region-specific sites to make it easier for casting directors/producers and the actors to interact. The various sites are listed on their mother website.

The website offers a robust software solution to the casting director/producers or filmmakers to manage their posted job roles, submissions, and actors’ auditions. 

This is a legitimate site that only allows the directors/filmmakers to post a role directly.

Pricing: Free to use their services. 

Neither the employer nor the employee is liable for any subscription charges. Once the role is posted, the website automatically suggests the suitable actors of your role. 

The casting director or filmmakers can specifically ask for submissions from a registered actor. Once the actors make the submissions, you can filter those and directly download all the information from your dashboard. 

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5. Casting Frontier

6 Best Casting Websites for Filmmakers in Hollywood

Casting Frontier is also a new platform aimed at connecting casting directors to actors. However, it has been quite successful in gaining fame in the industry. The platform offers a good range of features to aspiring actors like headshots and feature reels.

The basic plan for Casting Frontier is free to use for casting directors and filmmakers. However, the aspiring actors who choose to list them under the website can either use it for free or upgrade to premium plans with more features and unlimited submissions.

As a casting director, you can post needed roles with a video introduction of your role and yourself. The website allows you to save, edit and share audition tapes with clients and collaborators using the iSession software

All the audition tapes and portfolios are saved in an archive folder which can be accessed anytime. You can sum up the entire casting process, virtually saving time and expenses.

6. Now Casting

Now casting is not yet a very well known website for casting websites but it offers listings of reputed firms wanting to cast actors. The website is primarily made for Los Angeles and its citizens. However, members can access listings outside LA for free.

Pricing: With a premium plan of $11 per month, users can access roles listing inside Los Angeles. 

With this plan, actors can submit their auditions to unlimited roles. A free platform for casting directors and filmmakers that allows casting directors to view actors by a thumbnail making shortlisting easy. 

The website policies allow a casting director to ask for either an offline audition or an online audition from actors. The casting director can easily reject actors who do not match the criteria for their roles on the website.

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The above-discussed casting websites hold a good reputation in the industry. The websites are managed by a team of professionals who filter every role posted to ensure safe interaction. 

This time and effort saving formula has been a boon to the industry. However, one must be careful about the perils of the online world.

Whether it be casting an actor, getting your script recognized, learning filmmaking, or finding producers for your project, the digital universe has it covered. 

With a plethora of online filmmaking courses, screenwriting courses, and casting websites, you can aim to project the story in your mind onto the screen.

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