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Screenwriting Software: Is ARC STUDIO Really Worth it?

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Arc Studio was professional screenwriting software released in 2019; writers have started to opt for the fastidious system to make their writing more cohesive and communicative.

With its sleek design and aesthetic, the formatting system will lessen your technical hassles and make your writing almost effortless; from start to finish.

With a focus on TV show writers’ rooms, where collaboration is still very messy (and stressful), Arc Studio was created for an uncomplicated, no-nonsense approach to collaborative writing. Working in a writers’ room means a hundred drafts with red circles and sticky notes all over it and racked with disorientation. 

Using Arc Studio, you can efficiently edit, comment, review, and create remarks even though you are not in the same room.

This screenwriting software solves the most overlooked, intricate inconveniences and gives you a smooth road for your journey of literal creation.

So, let go of the anxiety about your script accidentally getting deleted or your story getting caught up in a bunch of twines. Instead, with its online saving mode and Plot Board tab, you can focus only on your account, outline, and screenplay.

Screenwriting Software: Is ARC STUDIO Really Worth it?

Several features integrated into Arc Studio make it remarkable in the cut-throat arena of screenwriting software.

So let’s dive deeper into this script writing software used by the writers’ room of Arcane (the show based on Riot’s League of Legends universe on Netflix).

Arc Studio Versus Final Draft

Since the beginning, Final Draft has been a household name for all the media industries and has made a strong impression on writers due to its cult status. But for writers who have just entered the profession of screenwriting, Final Draft may seem daunting, given its exorbitantly high price. 

Many writers are meticulous in choosing the right screenwriting software they can because it affects their writing style, formatting style, and overall practical aspects.

For ostensible and obvious reasons, mainly cost and ease of use, Arc Studio offers exclusive features that every writer would be enamored with. 

Features like changing the format to your desire, communicating with the partner writers included in your project, and various other characteristics up Arc Studio from its competitors.

Screenwriting Software: Is ARC STUDIO Really Worth it?
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Features Of Arc Studio

Arc Studio is a screenwriting software that has many features.

It allows you to write, edit, and publish your work in one place. You can also import your images, music, and video clips into your script. In addition, you can easily collaborate with other writers on the same project with arc studio.

You can also create a custom outline using the “outline” function, which lets you organize your scenes by topic, making them easy to find later. And when it comes time to share your work with others or get feedback from them, arc studio also makes it easy for them to do that.

It has several functions that can be used to make your writing experience easier.

The first feature is called the “Project Manager.” This allows you to organize your work into folders and subfolders, so you don’t have to dig through your files if you want to find something quickly. It also lets you move things around within these folders in case one of them gets too big, and it becomes hard to find what you’re looking for.

Another feature is the “Project Notes” function, which allows you to take notes directly on your script while working on it. This can be useful if you’re collaborating with others on a project or need to keep track of specific details while writing.

There are also options for adding images and text boxes so that readers can see what’s going on at any given moment in time within their scripts without having to go back and forth between multiple pages every time they want more information about something happening later on down the road (which could otherwise occur when trying out different ideas during revisions).

Arc Studio also includes features like spell-checker options so that writers can make sure everything sounds good before sending anything off anywhere else; an opportunity for creating backups so everything stays safe.

Let’s dive deeper into the features of this software.

Beat Board

Have you ever sat down, sipped some coffee, and thought – “I wish I knew how to outline“? 

sleek design

You scavenged the internet and scraped the barrel for links and PDFs of numerous templates but then had another thought “I wish templates existed with beats inside screenwriting software.”

Well, look no further!

As you create a new pavilion for a screenplay document and have no idea how to plan your story, head to the Plot Board and select a template of your choice. 

Even more obtainable is that each planner comes with its own set and number of beats. 

All you have to do is write down the essential plot points and incidents and then play around with it by shifting the beat columns without any restrictions and seeing the most exciting permutations of your story come to clarity.

Focus Mode / Timer

Screenwriting Software: Is ARC STUDIO Really Worth it?

It has become a custom that you must get distracted while writing. But that is very untrue. Writing is, at times, inexplicably tenuous and may cause mental tiredness. But that doesn’t mean you can slack off whenever you want. 

Ultimately, your literary work may be a screenplay or a manuscript that will bear the lagged mistakes and imperfections.

And if you are writing on a computer or a laptop, you are bound to get absent-minded, leading you to surf the internet for hours, leaving your screenplay idle.

This is why Focus Mode helps you concentrate on your writing. Just click on the dart and set a timer to begin working. And when the timer is up, you are automatically on a break.

It also shows how much time has passed since you stopped typing. To begin, click on the tab above, and the timer restarts. This will ensure that your work doesn’t go unnoticed or undeveloped.

The Collaboration Feature

This feature is the selling point of Arc Studio software.

Countless screenwriting software is currently being used on the internet, so what makes Arc Studio peculiar? – It’s a compact review system. We all know a writer’s room seems like the idiom “too many cooks spoil the broth,” but a sleek perusal of the screenplay online will solve the disarray without vexing any of the writers or reviewers.

The feature gives the creators free will to edit, write and comment on the screenplay, selected paragraphs, and storylines along with precision and diligence. As a result, writers with a broad imagination get an influx of ideas from which a couple of pictures may even get integrated into the screenplay.

With extreme leniency, the writers can brainstorm; recommend their edits and drafts to the other writers without getting caught in dissatisfaction. Also, this beats getting feedback from lengthy, tiresome, and needlessly excessive emails.

Send them an invite link through the collaborator option tab to invite your co-writers to the project.

From any corner of the world, your fellow collaborator can review your work without any third-party application or process getting involved.

Draft Versions

drafts version

How long can you keep up with ten different files of the same screenplay with further edits and additions? Creating a folder for a single manuscript with progressing draft numbers until you realize you don’t know the distinctive characteristics of those drafts. Moreover, they take up your space, slowing down your process.

To jump over this limbo, the screenwriting software contains a Drafts tab where you can track your screenplay without sifting and sieving through your latest edit.

Just save your core writing as a primary draft, and then as you redefine the script, you can turn on Track Changes, where you can keep track of all the new material written around your core written work.

Importing A FDX File

Considering a move from Final Draft to Arc Studio can be challenging if you think about rewriting the whole screenplay in the new software, but you don’t have to worry about that here.

With a simple ‘Import’ option, you can search the computer database and locate where you saved the ‘fdx.’ file. Then, the screenplay automatically gets imported and ready to edit with almost no loading runtime by choosing the file.

Even though importing files from other programs is easy, importing PDFs with incorrect formatting might be tricky in Arc Studio.

Advanced Formatting Options

advanced formatting

As this screenwriting software already comes with industrialized, professional formatting for a more than fathomable screenplay, you may want to explore or play around with other arrangements of fonts, scene placements, transition annotations, notes, and many more.

To have a chance to change the layout, head over to Document Settings> Format and have a look at the Advanced Formatting Options.

You can edit the page layout and scene numbers and turn around some critical elements to your liking.

Advanced formatting 2

Affordable Pricing

With countless features and seamless formatting technology, your writing process will be nothing less than the euphoria of seeing your story fleshed out most skillfully on the screen.

Arc Studio provides all these features and more in three versions. In addition, you can try the software for free on the web, providing you with a pavilion for writing two scripts.

Arc Studio pricing

With just $69 a year, you can get a paid subscription, create unlimited screenplays, and own the software with almost all the modes and characteristics known as the ‘Essentials’ version.

Along with everything the ‘Essentials’ version offers, ‘Pro’ trumps it with six exclusive features that allow you to invite collaborators and work together with the screenwriting software’s excellent communication and editing system.

You can get the Pro version of Arc Studio for $99 a year. 

The affordable pricing makes this screenwriting software more approachable for new screenwriters who desire to go professional without hurting their pockets.

So, if you want to write screenplays with a more severe outlook or fancy an attempt and have fun with screenwriting, then Arc Studio’s screenwriting software is the way to go.

Sleek Design

As soon as you open the application or the web version of the software, you will see an utterly varied selection of tabs on the left side for the technical modeling of your screenplay, with the rest of your screen just provided for your creative construction, with the right side of the page having the button for Plot Board – the bare skeleton of your story.

It also supports Dark Mode if you are a night owl and like working late nights without the bulk luminous white pixels. 

A dark purple tint on the screen prevents you from getting sluggish as the shade is very well correlated to alertness so that you can get your work done with the overall stability of mind and body.

sleek design

Automatic Script Saving

Imagine this…

For a very rare pocket of time, you finally get your motivation to write, and you grab your chair and start clicking down the actions, dialogues, and parentheticals. After that, you don’t have a care in the world except finishing your screenplay.

You have written a whole page or two in surprisingly less time, and your laptop dies. Unfortunately, some screenwriting software doesn’t even have an auto-save option.

So, how to write without being cautious about saving your work and devoting your subconscious to only writing?

 The answer is Cloud!

When you work on Arc Studio without any break or a halt, your screenplay is saved with every letter and punctuation on the Cloud servers in real time. 

When you are offline, your work is saved manually through backup filing. As soon as you are back online, your manuscript automatically gets transferred to Cloud, and you are good to go.

The Nagging Feature

Whether you like it or not, this is one of the other features I adore woven into the software that includes the notification pings that emerge after the said break time has concluded. The need to get back to work arises before the traditional disturbance between workflow follows.

Even if you are in the middle of the running writing session and stop writing, you get the “Get back to work” alert to pull you back into the unfinished session.

How Is Arc Studio Better Than Free Screenwriting Software?

Arc Studio is better than free scriptwriting software in several ways.

First, Arc Studio has more features than any other screenwriting app available for free online. It can help you organize your screenplay with an intuitive interface and various options for formatting, including a full-screen mode for writing. You can also import scripts you’ve written elsewhere or create them from scratch within the app.

Second, Arc Studio is easy to use, and its features are well-designed so that they make sense even if you’re new to screenwriting (but not too basic). For example, you can organize scenes by dragging them around in a tree view and see how many pages each scene will take up when you print it out.

The program also allows users to work on their scripts collaboratively by sharing documents with others who have the app installed on their computers or mobile devices (iOS only).

Thirdly—and perhaps most importantly—Arc Studio is completely free! No hidden fees or subscriptions are required for users to access all of its features; it’s just one flat fee per download without any hidden costs later down the line like many similar programs have!

Arc Studio is better than free screenwriting software because it’s more convenient, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Free screenwriting software can be challenging to use and understand, but Arc Studio makes it simple for even inexperienced writers to write a script.

Arc Studio also offers more features to add characters, scenes, and dialogue in seconds; create storyboards in minutes; export your finished script as a PDF or HTML format, so it’s ready for professional editing or presentation.

Screenwriting Software: Is ARC STUDIO Really Worth it?
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Is Arc Studio the Best Screenwriting Software for Your Needs?

Arc Studio is much better than other screenwriting software. If you’re looking for the best screenwriting software, it’s essential to ensure that it can do everything you need. There are many different types of writing software; some are better than others at certain things, so it’s crucial to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Arc Studio is one of the most popular screenwriting software options available today because it has been designed specifically for screenwriters. Writers created it for writers, so you can rest assured that it will meet your needs as a writer.

Writing screenplays is not a cakewalk. Arc Studio is the best screenwriting software because it’s easy to use and has everything you need in one place. This program is the right screenwriting software for you because it has a simple interface and a wide variety of scriptwriting tools that make it easy to get started on your screenplay.

You can start typing immediately or use the program’s built-in templates to get started on a storyboard or outline. This software can assist you in your creative process with its advanced features and is used by many professional writers.

There are several reasons why Arc Studio might be the best screenwriting software for your needs:

– It’s affordable ($49)

– It’s easy to use

– You can write anywhere, on any device (computer, phone, tablet)

– You can save your work in progress at any time, allowing you to come back later without losing anything

– The program has an auto-save feature so that you don’t lose data if there’s an interruption in your writing session

With Arc Studio, you can write your next screenplay in minutes and prepare it for production. It comes with everything you need to start writing: a library of stock characters and locations, an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly put your ideas down on paper without having to worry about formatting, and an easy-to-use timeline feature so you can see how your story will unfold.

Arc Studio also allows you to collaborate with other screenwriters, which is perfect if you’re working on a project with someone else or want another set of eyes to look at your work before submitting it for review. You can even use Arc’s built-in chat feature to communicate with others on your team without leaving the app!

Arc is one of the best screenwriting software solutions available today—and we’re here to help ensure you get started right!

Arc Studio doesn’t have features that might be important for certain types of writers or scenarios. However, there’s no support for multi-page documents or title pages yet (but those are coming soon!). There’s also no support for importing images into your screenplay yet, so if you wanted to add pictures from Google Images or another source, this would not work well for you either!

You won’t be able to import images or audio files into your script—you’ll have to type them in manually (which could get very tedious).

Arc Studio also doesn’t offer extra features like revision tracking or auto-formatting options; these features might be helpful if you work on multiple projects.

Screenwriting Software: Is ARC STUDIO Really Worth it?
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Is Arc Studio Worth It?

Yes. If you’re looking for screenwriting software that helps you create a storyboard, write the script, and even record your voiceover, then Arc Studio might be the one for you. But this program isn’t for you if you want something to help with formatting or exporting your screenplay into PDFs and other formats.

Is it worth the money?

Well, that depends on your needs.

If you’re a beginner just getting into screenwriting and want to see what all the fuss is about, then Arc Studio may be a good place to start. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to use. It also has features that can help you organize your ideas as well as create characters and scenes for your story.

However, if you’re more experienced with screenwriting—or if you’ve already been writing scripts for some time—then it’s probably not worth using Arc Studio because it doesn’t offer the same kind of advanced features that other programs do. The program is also not compatible with Windows 7 or 8, so if you want to use Arc Studio on either of those operating systems, you’ll have to upgrade them (which will cost more money).

In general, if you want something simple that will help get you started writing scripts, then Arc Studio may be worth considering; however, if you’re looking for something more advanced or compatible with older versions of Windows, there are better options than this one.

An important thing to consider is that Arc Studio offers a free trial to help you see if it can fit your needs. If it is not something you believe is an excellent addition to your writing process, you can choose not to opt for a subscription.

Arc Studio is an excellent option for anyone looking to get into screenwriting. It’s easy to use and allows you to write your scripts without being tech-savvy.

Arc Studio offers excellent features, including an easy-to-use interface and a word counter that will tell you how many words are in your script and help improve your writing process. It also has built-in tools like character descriptions, scene descriptions, dialogue formatting options, and more. You can even add images to your script if you want!

If you’re looking for something simple yet powerful, you definitely can’t go wrong with Arc Studio. If you’re a screenwriter, it’s crucial to have software that will help you organize your ideas and put them on paper with ease.

The best programs for this are ones that allow you to make changes quickly without having to start from scratch every time. Arc Studio does that by allowing you to create scenes, edit them quickly and efficiently, and move on to the next scene in your story without worrying about formatting or layout issues.

This makes it easy for writers who are just starting to get their ideas down on paper quickly—and it also makes it easier for more experienced writers who don’t want a lot of hassle when writing their scripts.

Final Thoughts

Arc Studio’ is a healthy option while you rack your brain for the best screenwriting software for enhancing your writing process. It has all the core characteristics, with optimized and simplified review systems, great pricing, and affordable software versions.

In the deep sea of options, screenplays are not to be compromised. Instead, it needs a meticulous blend of industry formatting, brainstorming sessions without a stark mess, clean outlining, and a great plot. 

Arc Studio can give you that and much more, except for a great plot. 

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