Writing Screenplays using Google Docs and Word

Writing Screenplays using Google Docs and Word

Can I write a script in Word? Or  can I use Google docs? There are sometimes the basic questions of beginner screenwriters. Once they know the format of screenwriting perfectly, they start using a free software like Kit Scenarist or Causality or trial versions of Final Draft & Celtx

Writing in Google Docs or Word can take time. Because you’ll have to do the formatting and indenting manually.  I don’t prefer this myself as it does not offer a lot of things like storyboarding and cards. But if you still prefer to write a small scene, here’s how to write it.

Let’s look into the basics in the screenshot below.

Writing Screenplays using Google Docs and Word

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1. Writing in Google Docs

Open Google Docs and then format it like the script format below: 

Font: 12- point Courier

Top and Bottom margins: 1 inch

Left Margin: 1.5 inch

Right Margin: 1 inch

Characters: Centre of the Page

Dialogue: 3 inches from left

Parentheticals: 3.5 inches from the left. They are never at the centre.

  • Scene headings INT. / EXT. should start from 1.5 inches from the left.
  • Characters should always be in CAPS
  • Parenthetical should always be in small letters and not more than 3-4 words. 
  • Transition should be to the right.

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2. Writing in Word

There is obviously no difference in the screenplay format. In Word, first make the font to 12 – point Courier. You can use the Styles to save the scene heading format, character format etc. Take a look below:

Writing Screenplays using Google Docs and Word

Here’s how you can do the characters:

Writing Screenplays using Google Docs and Word

Do this for Transitions and the rest. Start typing and apply the headings to those lines.

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My advice is to download a software and start writing. Read more scripts, practice writing and then start applying to screenwriting contests to get feedback to improve. If you have a good story and format is perfect, may be you can win too.

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