Writing a News Broadcast Scene Transitioning from TV to the Script

In many movies you see scenes of a news channel broadcasting a scene of a crime, a natural calamity or an interview of the antagonist/protagonist. But how is it conveyed in the script? How will the reader know that it is a news broadcast? This is a little tricky for a writer. Here are some examples of how it is written.

If you want to show the scene transitioning from TV to the story, as the camera zooms out of the screen, you can write it like this.  

Transitioning from TV to the Script

The director usually will decide how to do this. But if you are the director then you can add shooting angles. Below is an example of writing using ON SCREEN and BACK TO SCENE. 

writing a news Transitioning from TV to the Script

The above scene is written as suggested by John August in his blog

These are the 2 ways to write. 

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