7 Important things every writer should have

7 Important Things Every Screenwriter Should Have in 2021

Screenwriting is the art of writing for mass media including film, television, web series, and video games. It involves writing actions, expressions, and dialogues of the characters in line with the screenwriting format. A script is either sold directly to a producer or is on a commission basis.  

Writing a script according to the standard format helps managers, agents, and readers to visualize your story. It brings uniformity in your writing, allowing you to express effectively. Formatting also makes a positive professional impression. 

Being in the screenwriting business is interesting, but it’s not that easy. Similar to other professions, it also requires specialized skills and the right set of tools. 

A screenwriter must equip himself with appropriate knowledge and some necessary things. Below, I have listed the seven essential elements needed to become an established screenwriter. 

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1. Screenwriting software 

7 Important Things Every Screenwriter Should Have in 2021

The first thing you need for scriptwriting is screenwriting software, which helps convert your thoughts into words. It ensures that your screenplay is in the proper format, according to the industry standards.  

Screenwriting software provides various features such as outlining tools, templates, cloud backup, revision tracking, and character notes. It also assists in production scheduling and budgeting to create a perfect piece of art. 

Even if you are a novelist or a journalist, there are some cool note taking apps and novel writing software which some authors find definitely helpful while travelling.

Screenwriting is a process, while a script format is the language of the screenplay. Screenwriting software has become crucial for professional screenwriters in today’s time as it automatically formats your work adhering to the guidelines. 

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2. Laptop stand

7 Important Things Every Screenwriter Should Have in 2021

Since laptop usage has increased in the past few years, nearly every individual nowadays prefers laptops over computers as they are more flexible and easy to use. However, what we don’t realize is how risky they are for your health.

If you are a screenwriter working on a laptop for long hours, a laptop stand is one of the most important things you should have. It improves your body posture by raising the laptop screen to eye level. That keeps your back straight and bends your elbows at a comfortable angle. 

Laptop stands help create efficiency as well as comfort while typing. You can adjust your laptop’s angle at your convenience, thereby protecting your eyes’ health. Apart from all these features, they also increase productivity by boosting your energy and reducing back and neck pain.

3. Screenwriting Books

7 Important Things Every Screenwriter Should Have in 2021

Learning the art of writing a great screenplay is a long process that requires patience and creativity. One of the best ways to understand this art without spending much is reading screenwriting books. They provide you with useful insights and the right guidance. 

Books offer every little detail like plot, structure, dialogue, character, and film editing required for you to be a successful screenwriter. When you first start, read different books and gain as much as possible because they lead the way to your first draft.

The best part about books is that you can read them anytime, anywhere. If you want to learn about the industry and how stories are crafted, you will want to know about the tips given in these books. While every book teaches something different, you can apply what suits you best. 

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4. Screenplays of Award-winning scripts

The script of a movie is one of the most important elements that determines its success. All blockbuster movies generally have one thing in common – a brilliantly crafted script. It sets the foundation of the movie by giving it the right direction.

A screenplay is essentially the blueprint describing the movie’s entire plot, characters, and their respective roles, actions, and dialogues. It acts as a guide for all the contributors including, directors, producers, actors, and the rest of the crew. 

Reading screenplays will improve the way you express your thoughts. By studying award-winning screenplays, you can learn about the screenwriting techniques of different writers. If you want your script to stand out and attract the masses, you should learn from the best screenplays out there.

5. Network

7 Important Things Every Screenwriter Should Have in 2021

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A good network is highly essential for a screenwriter’s career. Networking involves connecting with people with whom you can exchange information and ideas and build professional relationships. The larger your network is, the higher is the possibility for you to get business.

To get your work out there, you must know how to network. You can start by identifying and making a list of people connected to the industry. Then reach out to them and share valuable information. Meeting the right people can land you good deals.

Networking for a screenwriter can be hard at times. However, if you handle your connections diligently, it can provide you with brilliant opportunities. Networking is all about relationship building and getting exposure. 

6. Genre

Finding the right genre for you is the beginning stage in screenwriting as it sets the theme for your story. While there are different genres such as horror, comedy, romance, or sci-fi; each has its uniqueness and requires a distinct set of skills. 

For a beginner, it may be difficult to identify and build a niche. You may not know where your strength lies and the type of writing that suits your style; with a little practice and experimentation, you can identify your interest in a particular genre.

If you are an expert in writing a horror script, thriller, or even animated scripts for kids, your chances of landing a job at a studio increase and you’ll always have better earning potential. Thus, developing within a particular niche will take you a long way in this field. 

7. Imagination 

Merely having good writing skills will not make you a distinct writer. Other things aside, the key ingredient in this recipe is your imagination. For creative writing, you need creative thinking. 

Imagination broadens your horizons, helps you think outside the box, create scenarios, build characters, and form a story. It gives shape to your writing. With your innovative ideas and creativity, you can captivate the readers’ interest and transport them into a different world. Imagination is, therefore, an indispensable factor in the process of writing.


Screenwriting is a fruitful career option that offers plenty of opportunities. Some people may have a natural flair for writing, but remember that nobody is a born writer. 

There are several things one needs to learn on his/her way to his journey. With the right knowledge, skills, and attitude, no one can stop you from achieving your goals. 

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