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Six Page Scripts: The Podcast for Getting Your Screenplays Read

If you have written a good script, there are numerous ways to let the filmmakers and agents in Hollywood know about it. One of them is by applying to screenwriting competitions. Or you can directly contact some agents by emailing them your script. 

But these days there is another way of marketing your story. And that is through Podcasting.

If you live in the west, you probably must be listening to a lot of podcasts on iTunes, Libsyn, Spotify & various other platforms. Over 50% of homes in the US are podcast fans. It is still catching up in Asian countries.

There are some really good podcasts on screenwriting. Some hosts bring in award-winning screenwriting to their weekly show. I’m sure most of the screenwriting fans must have heard of John August’s Scriptnotes

But there is a new podcast dedicated to screenwriting which was launched this year in June 2020, named “Six Page Scripts”. 

six page scripts review

What does Six Page Scripts exactly do?

The hosts of the Six Page Scripts podcast read scripts between 2-10 pages submitted by aspiring screenwriters every week. They also bring in screenwriters from the industry to read the scripts. Submitting is totally free.

This helps in getting screenplays with great stories in front of the listeners and professionals from the industry. It helps to build a strong portfolio for the writers. And screenwriters get to build connections with other writers in the industry.

The main goal of the team behind Six Page Scripts is, 

To bring the screenwriting community together, celebrating the works and talents of aspiring and working writers, and providing another avenue for writers and scripts to be discovered.

They also give valuable tips and advice for the writers through their podcast.

With a 5 star rating on iTunes and more than 460 downloads in the first 30 days itself, this podcast is growing fast in the community.

Instagram: @sixpagescripts

Twitter: @sixpagescripts

Who are the Hosts?

There are 4 hosts of this podcast.

1. Mitch Olson
Six Page Scripts: The Podcast for Getting Your Screenplays Read

He’s an award-winning screen and TV writer/producer with over a decade of experience working in film and television development. He has worked on shows for NBC, CBS, Fox & Netflix. He has lived in LA for nearly 10 years.

For the past two years, he’s lived in Atlanta, Georgia, where he started a production company Point South Productions, and is a Professor of Screen and TV Writing at Kennesaw State University. You can find him on:

Instagram: @mitchellwesley

Twitter: @MitchellWesley

2. Laura McCarter
Six Page Scripts: The Podcast for Getting Your Screenplays Read

Laura McCarter is a screenwriter and a consultant for the Georgia Film Academy. She has a Masters of Arts in screenwriting and has worked on a number of indie films and on shows for CBS and BET. In 2018, she presented her research on visual rhetoric in screenwriting in Rome, Italy.

Laura was a finalist in the 2019 Screencraft Pitch competition and a semifinalist in the 2019 Screencraft Pilot Launch competition. She writes dark dramas, dark comedies, and horror. You can find her on:

Instagram: @lauraangelyn

3. Kelley Bostian

Kelley Bostian is a talented and prolific musician, videographer, and content producer. He, along with Jason, edits the show. On top of teaching English and finishing his MA in Professional Writing, he has a background in copywriting and screenwriting and has extensive experience as a script reader. 

Instagram: @kelleybmusic

4. Jason Faust

Jason Faust is a producer of a successful YouTube channel that critically analyzes video games. He is also a screenwriter, script reader, voice-over actor, and pursuing an MA in Professional Writing. He, along with Kelley, edits the show. Without them, this show would not exist. 

Instagram: @yaboyfausty

Where can you Listen to the Podcast?

Six Page Scripts is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, Spotify, Youtube & their website. New episodes are out every Monday.

How can you submit Screenplays?

They have given some guidelines on submitting your scripts. Although they don’t guarantee that your script will be featured, they really try to accept all the genuine entries. 

The main advantage of this podcast is that writers will get honest feedback. Now, writers may disagree with it, but it is immensely valuable for improving their screenplays. If you try to get honest feedback from the screenwriting contests, you have to pay $50 for it. This podcast is fantastic for a start.

You can even submit scripts that have previously been read on the podcast. You can submit through Coverfly or email them a PDF. 


The Six Page Scripts podcast may be new to the scene. However, it is growing fast, and my guess is they’ll be in the top ranking podcasts list 2-3 years down the line. So grab this chance to get your scripts read by some professionals, and you might just get a small break you have been waiting for. 

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